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Hands (Jewel) Download (Right Click, Save Target As...) See New Video ===>

Faith Of The Heart (Susan Ashton)

Daddy's Hands (Holly Dunn)

Foolish Games (Jewel)

Ride On (AC/DC - Meets Bonnie Raitt)

Crazy (Patsy Cline)

Hide Or Seek (Susan Ashton)

Stand (Susan Ashton)

God Forbid (Point Of Grace)

Why Haven't I Heard From You (Reba McEntire)

She's Got You (Patsy Cline)

NEW: Let Er' Rip (Dixie Chicks)

Somethin' To Talk About (Bonnie Raitt)

Good Man, Good Woman (Bonnie Raitt)

God Will Make A Way (Janet Pascal)

Jesus Doesn't Care (Point Of Grace)


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We need YOUR HELP!!!!!
Robin's song list is JUST a few from her current wish list. PLEASE tell us what YOU would like and we will try and pick from your input. Also the CD cover and name are still NOT locked in stone yet. SO...Give us your ideas. The winners of the (1) Song List, (2) CD Name and (3) Cover design will each receive (1) FAME, by credit on the CD, (2) A FREE, autographed copy of the CD AND (3) ....Heck, we STILL don't know what 3 is yet, but we will come up with something soon and get back with ya. Contact Us KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR MORE TRACKS!!!!!! Thanks and God Bless GB  


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Note from Robin
Robin wanted us to say that most of these songs are still WIPs (Works In Progress) and they will get better over time.  Between you, me, and the fence post, I think every Artist is NEVER satisfied with the quality of their work.  But we will keep trying to improve them anyway.  I think part of my job, as the producer, is to finally say, "OK, I know you guys want a perfect piece, but this is as close as we can get."  I will agree that the current pieces can be improved on, but they are still very good, as is.   Bottom line is, YOU GUYS/GALS are the real judges, not us.  So we will also listen to your input to determine when they are ready or not.

NEW VIDEO: (2012) Robin and I felt the need to create and publish a video to help tell the story we "see" when we hear "Hands". This is the first draft of the video. Any contructive feedback is welcome on Robin's FaceBook Page - Click Here


1-31 Happy Birthday, Robin!!!

We know better than to say how old.   ;-]   Anyway just wanted to give an update.

We know it has been some time since we posted a new song for Robin.  Yes, she has been working on several, to include some that are not even on the current list above.  

The slow down has been the result of about three main reasons. 

One, her "day time" (and then some) job has kept here extremely busy. 

Two, she has been fighting alergies. 

Three, and most importantly, we have experienced major difficulties finding/retaining enough, good, dedicated, and mature musicians to help record her songs.  Therefore if y'all know of any musicians/ song writers who "fit the bill" and are willing to help PLEASE SEND THEM OUR WAY.


Let Er' Rip
"Let Er' Rip" is the latest recording to be posted.  The recording was conducted months ago, but Robin did not feel it was good enough to release yet.  I have been working on the mix, off and on, since then.   While it may not be ready for the CD yet.  I think it is close enough for the web page...therefore here it is.  You let us know what you think.  
We have discovered that a surprising number of people either do not know "Jewell", or are not fond of her music.  We know that is the way of music. 

What ever the case, there are two basic reasons why you may want to give this song a listen.  One, Robin really found and conveyed the emotion that this song is capable of.  Which is one of the reasons why we feel this is the first song that may be as good or even better than the original version.  Also we we lucky enough to work up a pretty darn good arrangement to back her vocals.

Secondly, even though Jewell and her music is considered "main stream or secular", a large percentage of her lyrics are very Inspirational/Christian.   Which is the reason why we decided to go ahead and release "Hands" as an actual Inspirational/Christian piece.

Finally, I know we say this all the time, but even the downloadable 128Kps MP3 version of this song does NOT fully give justice to the quality of this song.  Only the full CD version does this song justice.


Folks, you have to hear her CD versions to believe "THIS GIRL CAN BE THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL" - Monday, January 09, 2006

Robin was our first artist that we picked up.  One of the reasons why it took us so long to produce even ONE finished track is due to her outstanding vocals abilities.  

When we first start a project we usually ask the musician, which well known artist they can do, as well, if not better.  Robin only named off a few to begin with, such as Patsy Cline ("and about 70% of the female vocalists out there," we thought), Reba McEntire ("OH Boy, That's going to be interesting"), Susan Ashton ("OK, well that's relatively new") and Jewel ("Hey, where did THAT one come from?")  To make a short story, long.... OOPS, a long story short (the first is what we usually do anyway), we popped in a "Crazy" accompaniment, cranked up the mic, put our headphones on, and kicked back to listen. 

What we heard was a fresh new sound, brought back to what we used to consider, "a tired old song".  This girl will make you hear things in songs you have never heard before.  Not only does she have a good clean, outstanding voice, but she can also find the "emotion" of a piece and give it to you right between the ears.

Needless to say our problems are NOT coming up with enough material to put on her CD.  NO, our problem is deciding WHICH of the 15+ different top vocalist she can do as well or even better.  We are trying to pick the top ten pieces from the twenty-eight songs we have already.



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